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The ultimate North meets South Wedding

"He's the calm to the storm" says Abitha, speaking to the camera describing Siddhant while getting the final touches to her hair and makeup done. In a few minutes Sid and her will have their first look that they're both palpably excited for.

Abitha and Siddhant on the morning of their wedding

Getting to know Abitha and Siddhant, their story, their undeniable singular fondness for each other while capturing their celebrations as wedding photographers was a lesson in the purpose of why we do, what we do.

Were there cultural differences between the two families and traditions coming together, sure. Like the title suggests this would've been a classic angle to shoot this Indian wedding. Though what I found myself drawn to the most, was that this didn't matter. It didn't matter as much to us, and especially not to the two people at the centre of it all. They were in a different bubble of their own.

Abitha & Siddhant's emotional first look

While they went out of their way to ensure everyone around them felt welcomed and included. You couldn't get anything or anyone to distract these two from being fully present, focused, with eyes only for each other. There might've been chaos, it didn't matter. Some confusion? Maybe. The priest may been asking them to stop the music to their (epic) entrance dance, no one paid heed. They are each other's calm in the storm.

Wedding Venue: Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

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