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Ekta & Royce's Wedding Celebration in Pune

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Stuff of great celebrations: A sangeet at your favourite bar, a secular ceremony led by your parents, an entirely plant-based menu and a wedding on your own damn terms!


Do you believe in fate? In unseen forces at play, charting and designing events to ultimately lead you to situations and people that were just meant to be? Getting to know Ekta and Royce and shooting their wedding celebration sure felt that way.

Once in a blue moon or a pandemic year, a wedding celebration comes along whose memories stay with you long after the photographs have been edited and shared. It’s the sort of wedding you know the friends will be talking about for years to come, reminiscing over rounds of whiskey about what an absolutely crazy, smashing night it was. There will be shared laughter over anecdotes about friends' escapades (here’s looking at you, Manish), stories recounted about drunken mishaps with an overall agreement that it was easily one of the best nights ever . A night that ended on echoes of “Humari bhabhi kaisi ho? Ekta bhabhi jaisi ho”, a line which would be gibberish to most except to the fortunate few present that day.


Sangeet Location: Linkin Barrel, Pune | Wedding Location: Pune Swimming Club


Ekta and Royce did the near impossible- combining traditions with the values they hold dear today as individuals. They had a pre-wedding sangeet but held it at a cosy bar, a wedding ceremony but officiated by their parents, Ekta walked down the aisle but with both her parents, ample food to spoil all their guests with but entirely vegan. Yet some things they did the old school way – they danced, danced and danced the night away!

groom and his best man dancing together at the reception
Bride and groom playing the shoe game at their reception in India

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