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Rucha & Vinay: Weathering a storm in Igtapuri....almost!

Rucha & Vinay's 2 day celebration at Igatpuri, Maharashtra

It was 6am when we were woken up by the sound of thunder rattling our windows. A torrential downpour in March? As fickle as the weather gods can be, this was still unusual. And particularly unwelcome today because of the outdoor wedding set up that was planned for Rucha & Vinay’s big day in Igatpuri. Not an ideal start, I thought.

We had just spent the previous evening shooting their action packed sangeet at the Mountain Shadows resort and this morning had planned for an early casual shoot at a lake nearby, with just the two of them to kick off their wedding day.

As I got ready, I mentally prepared myself for the pep talk I’d have to give to a presumably frantic bride and groom – about how it’ll all be fine and not to worry etc. Not something I’m the best at but I geared up to deal with the nerves that comes up with the weather throwing a wrench to anyone’s best laid plans.

As my cinematographer Netra and I walked up to the lobby to meet Rucha and Vinay – what I saw took me completely by surprise – there they were, in the rain, crouched down playing with the resident cat, laughing & having a great time- at 7 AM. Oblivious to the drizzle that had now started to drench them. Watching them, it was then I immediately realized two things – we were going to be more than fine that day and these two are my kind of people. They were cheerful as ever and without even a mention of the weather were ready to have a fun shoot in the rain.

To say Rucha & Vinay are chilled out, fun loving and just the sweetest two people you’ll meet is putting it lightly. They were up for whatever ideas & cues we threw their way for the shoot.

Run & skip around the lake – check. Play silly games which even involved lifting each other off the ground – check. Dance to their favourite carpool karaoke song– double check. (Choice of song was Gold Digger by Dr Dre in case you were wondering)

Theirs was a special coming together of the two families – combining Tamilian and Maharashtrian cultures, both families ensured the other was made to feel welcome and included. No better evidence of that was visible when Vinay’s aunt on meeting Rucha greeted her with a warm “Welcome to the Iyer family” & Rucha’s mami learned a few words in Tamil to welcome Vinay’s entire extended family.

Oh and the weather? The skies cleared up just in time for our shoot and a gorgeous sunset wedding that evening 😊

Keep scrolling for more snippets from their fantastic 2 day celebration...

Rucha tears up as her grandmother blesses her during the Haldi.

Is it even a Tamilian wedding without some jasmine flowers?

Rucha, her bridesmaids and a fantastic welcome party!

Location: Mountain Shadows Resort, Igatpuri

MUA: Hemali Mehta

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